Essential Facts About the Bocaccio(Rockfish)

What is Bocaccio (Rockfish)? A member of the Sebastidae family of rockfish, the Bocaccio is also known by its scientific name as the Sebastes paucispinis. Other names for this fish include slimy, tom cod, grouper or salmon grouper. Sebastes in Greek means ‘magnificent’ and in Latin, paucispinis means fewer spines.’ The Bocaccio (Rockfish) is in … Read more

Barramundi – Life Altering Facts You Need to Know

What is Barramundi? Barramundi, also known as the Australian bass, Cock up, or Giant Perch is a catadromous species of fish, distributed mainly in the Indo-Pacific region. Even though this  a large-scaled fish’ is nowadays popular in mangrove estuaries (where fresh water meets salty water) in southern China, river creeks in southeast Asia, and in … Read more