What is Canadian Bacon?

Bacon is really a breakfast favorite that’s prepared from cured pig meat. Country ham is uncooked, cured, dried, smoked or unsmoked, and is created from one slice of meat from the hind leg of the hog or from an individual slice of meat from a pork shoulder (picnic ham). Even though the gesture was certainly … Read more

What is Fruit Beer?

The end result is fruit beer, when fruit is added to beer as a way to boost the flavor of a drink. Lambic beer is created with malted barley and unmalted wheat, and, due to this mixture of ingredients, can be bitter. Since these fruits are plentiful throughout Belgium, raspberries and cherries in many cases … Read more

What is Malt Beer?

Malt beer is produced of water, malted grains, hops, and yeast. Barley, rye and wheat are the most typical grains. Malts are accustomed to aid the fermentation process in beer making. A sugar is created which ferments into alcohol when grains are malted. Step one would be to malt the grain to make malt beer. … Read more

What is Kimchi?

Many don’t know kimchi is also spelled kimchee and gimchi. It’s called side dish in Korea, or a banchan. It’s not unusual to get many banchan. Up to a dozen such side dishes may accompany main courses. Kimchi, nevertheless, if the most famous of the lot. Fermenting other vegetables and flavored cabbage makes this dish. It’s also … Read more

What is a Ghost Pepper?

A ghost pepper is a particular type of hot pepper, native to areas of India and Sri Lanka, many consider that to be the hottest pepper in existence. This pepper has been exported all around the world to be used in recipes that need a particular intensity of flavor. It is helpful to be comfortable … Read more