Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are another exceptionally nutritious seed food that we provide liberally to our chickens as well as our parrots, yet overlook to use in increasing the standards of our underpar individual diets. Our health authorities happen to be passing up a highly palatable, first rate source of high grade protein, B vitamins and desperately needed trace minerals by neglecting to acquaint the people with sunflower seeds. This can be a critical omission in a state where our health becomes worse as our culture grows older-and where our previous-forty people is developing old prematurely due to poor diet.

The policemen furnished their guys with this particular delicious, lightweight food understanding that it givesave all the nourishment necessary for good physical fitness, as the military from its supply bases was occasionally compelled to dwell alone on these seeds. While the typical girl needs the absolute minimum of 15 milligrams the typical grown man demands at least 12 milligrams of iron daily for optimum well-being.

The Russians, Turks and Arabs residing close to the Black Sea as well as in Asia Minor chew on sunflower seeds as Americans chew chewing gum. Where immigrants from Russia settled this custom arrived in some areas of America. For example, in the Dakotas, several decades past the school kids were encouraged to eat sunflower seeds, called ‘Russian peanuts.’

Inside the past several years, various scientists within the state have made studies to assess the nutritional worth of the sunflower seed. Additionally, sunflower seed meal gets an identical overall niacin worth, perhaps more, than peanut meal, heretofore, considered an excellent source of the vitamin.

Additional investigations disclosed that sunflower seed meal includes about 60 per cent more pantothenic acid (also an associate of the B vitamin family, and occasionally called the ‘anti-grey hair vitamin’) than soybean meal; and significantly more pantothenic acid than either corn germ or wheat germ. It was likewise learned that sunflower seeds top the set of vegetable concentrates, including 55.4 per cent high grade protein. The report concluded: ‘Sunflower seed meal is very rich in bone-forming calcium. It’s a great supply of thiamin, or vitamin B-i.’.