What is a Mamey?

It’s cultivated in the Americas including Southern Florida in tropical areas, and is popular among Central American individuals and many Caribbean. The solid, succulent flesh is generally eaten fresh, and appears in beverages, desserts, or alone. At many markets, the fruit is easy to get in fresh kind in tropical areas, and will occasionally even be decided wild.


The fruit of the mamey is nearly oblong, and pink to ring-shaped in size. The seed seen in the middle of the fruit, and is poisonous; hazardous infusions in the seed that is sapote are utilized in various uses, including as an insecticide. The rind will show pink, somewhat soft flesh, suggesting it is prepared to be eaten when pared back.

The trees grow best in the Caribbean, especially Central America as well as tropical areas. Typically, the trees are cultivated ensuring the characteristics of parent trees are passed to the offspring. Nevertheless, sapote also can grow from seed, resulting in huge amounts of trees growing in the tropics. In a few tropical areas, the roadside is littered with trees that are mamey, thanks as soon as they’ve eaten the flesh of the fruit to consumers who lose the seeds.

It may not be easy to locate mamey fruit not in the tropics. It’s a good idea to check for equally coloured specimens with no aspects of extreme softness if residing outside a tropical area where the fruit is available. The stalks needs to be clipped to the fruit, and if it’s possible to do so request to cut on the fruit open to find out the flesh in; it must be soft and quite pink. A good quality sapote is going to be sweet and creamy, while lesser variations will probably be either bitter or irresistibly sweet.

How it is Eaten

In several places, sapote is eaten fresh right from the rind; the seed, nevertheless, shouldn’t normally be have due to its toxicity. The flavor is somewhat hard to describe, but it’s been compared to vanilla, chocolate, sweet potato, and pumpkins. Popular eating strategies comprise squeezing lime or lemon juice over pieces of the fruit that is fresh, or it may be blended with other fruits. Additionally it is combined to be used in desserts and beverages; ice cream that is mamey, specifically, is a distinctively flavored delicacy in the tropics.

Mammea Americana

Another chance for the definition of a mamey is not the same kind of fruit called just, or Mammea American mamey. This fruit differs as it’s seen on taller trees in relation to the sapote sort of the fruit, and usually bigger, more round. The mammea can be within tropical areas, but more especially in the West Indies as well as the northern areas of South America.