What is Belgian Endive?

Belgian endive, also called witloof and French endive, or white leaf, is a leafy vegetable which resembles a thin cylinder of tight, light green leaves. It’s rather unusual in that it’s not grown from seedlings or seed in the ground. Rather, it’s by inducing a second growth from the cut roots of chicory plants cultivated.

As it includes several phases, the procedure for growing the Belgian endive is labor intensive. Chicory seeds are sown and permitted to take root. The chicory leaves are picked following the roots are well established, as well as the roots are carefully pulled from the earth. The endive is subsequently driven; that’s, it’s grown in darkness from the cut roots. The appearing endive covered by straw, to maintain its whiteness, or should be held beneath the earth. Just the extreme points of the leaves are permitted to appear, turning green and developing exposure to light. There’s also a version with leaves that are purple.

The Belgian endive could be eaten uncooked, steamed, boiled, broiled, or baked. Steaming is usually chosen as the tightly wrapped leaves retain less water to boiling. Make sure you empty it before serving if boiling the endive. One moderate endive contains no fat, sodium, or cholesterol has just about twenty calories; and is an excellent source of folate.

Before cooking the endive, the bottom center will have to be eliminated from spoiling the finished dish to prevent a bitter flavor. The Belgian endive dried to eliminate any surface debris before preparation and ought to be rinsed in cold water. Eliminate.

When buying a Belgian endive, locate a solid, chubby endive with leaves that are folded. The whiter the milder the flavor, the endive. To save flavor, prevent exposure to light as much as really possible.

The Belgian endive is usually paired with pears and blue cheese in cold salads when served uncooked. It’s also an excellent fit for vinaigrette dressings, and apples, beets, pine nuts. The leaves might be divided, torn up, and added to other greens for a salad that was mixed, or themselves may serve the endive leaves.

A simple method to relish Belgian endive would be to grill it.