What is Chutney?

Chutney is comparable in consistency to relish, salsa or jelly, and can be used as a condiment that is sour and sweet. The ingredients are blended together and then simmered.Chutney was imported from India.

Like jellies and jams, chutney may be smooth or chunky. In India, hot varieties are often served with cold meats and frequently with curry and vegetables. Sweet is a nice addition to cheese and crackers or bread, and will serve as a snack or little meal.

A few of the popular fixings because of this condiment, along with mangoes, are apricots, apples, peaches, plums, limes, tomatoes, lemons as well as coconuts. Chutney is really varied that it may be created using just a small number of several or the fixings, to create many different styles as well as flavors.

Chutney is generally eaten fresh but as it’s been westernized it’s mass produced and are available in almost any supermarket in the western world. In Britain and America, offering chutney as a condiment has become almost as popular as even ketchup, relish and jam. It could be served in an official dinner as a condiment to get a fancy meal, or in a laid-back picnic with crackers or tortilla chips. No matter the occasion, it gives a sour, sweet and delicious treat that’s certain to please.