What is Fruit Beer?

The end result is fruit beer, when fruit is added to beer as a way to boost the flavor of a drink. Lambic beer is created with malted barley and unmalted wheat, and, due to this mixture of ingredients, can be bitter.

What is Fruit Beer?

Since these fruits are plentiful throughout Belgium, raspberries and cherries in many cases are the fruit of choice for Belgian brewers. Classic kriek has a crimson colour that is distinctive, along with the flavor of the beer is on the sweeter side.

Once their rightest stage has been reached by cherries, the skins are punctured so as to motivate yeast and the sugars in a beer to co-mingle with the cherries. Fruits are added during the fermentation process, which alters the make-up of a beer to beer casks. The result is a beer with a high alcohol concentration, as well as a dry or somewhat sweet flavor.

Along with the -popular cherry, peaches, raspberries, strawberries, oranges, and black currants are wholly used to produce fruit beers. Some brewers add fruits and various spices together. One well known Belgian beer is created out of coriander and curacao orange peel. A tremendously contentious, and newer, way of adding fruit to beer entails importing pureed fruits. As with entire fruits, pureed fruits are added during the fermentation process to beer.

Traditionalists believe that the flavor of a beer alters thoroughly. People who are opposed to such a fruit add-on compare pureed fruits to store bought frozen fruits. A beer which has been improved with pureed fruit may nevertheless be sold as fruit beer. Brewers don’t advocate adding these flavors to beer, since any additional flavor will decrease the first taste of a beer while beer drinkers enjoy the additional taste of ginger and lemon