What is Kimchi?

Many don’t know kimchi is also spelled kimchee and gimchi. It’s called side dish in Korea, or a banchan. It’s not unusual to get many banchan. Up to a dozen such side dishes may accompany main courses. Kimchi, nevertheless, if the most famous of the lot. Fermenting other vegetables and flavored cabbage makes this dish. It’s also served with rice along with being served as a side dish.

What is Kimchi?

Because it is also quite healthy and has an extremely pleasant flavor, kimchi has lately gained popularity all over the world. The dish is currently served in many locations beyond Korea along with although its popularity is growing, it’s been part of Asian culinary history for a lengthy time.

It’s thought that it wasn’t until the 12th century that people started to integrate other flavors and spices into the dish, and that the first types were plainly salted vegetables. Variations made out of chili peppers are the most famous kind functioned over the world.

Napa cabbage is normally the primary ingredient in kimchi, as well as the dish is normally fermented with ground pepper, and garlic, scallions in brine. Yet, there are lots of versions including spices and other vegetables. Other types provide different varieties of flavors.

Kimchi has been significant in Korean cuisine that there’s a whole museum. The Kimchi Field Museum can be found in Seoul. Historians at the museum have recorded almost 200 different kinds of the dish. The truth is, there are a few kinds that resemble the Latin American dish ceviche and contain seafood.