What is Soy Lecithin?

Have you ever seen this material in a mayonnaise, salad dressings or chocolate? Among the manners soy lecithin is used to empower water and oil to blend better. With chocolate it is used to produce a better feel, so its appearance is more pleasant to the eye. In fact in the event you go through the ingredients of a cooking spray there is a good opportunity soy lecithin will probably be one among the ingredients. It is additionally used in bread dough to help make it more straightforward to work with, and cake mixes.

Now you realize why companies put this ingredient in various food products let’s talk about what it does to your body. In line with the NYU Langone Medical Center it is likely safe to consume but the biggest danger is taking too much of it. One might experience a stomach ache, nausea and diarrhea if a person takes several grams of it.

One of many problems with soy lecithin is that it is a soy product. Over 90% of soy products in the USA are genetically modified. There is some argument on whether genetically modified organisms or GMO for short is not healthy. One solid piece of evidence that it’s unhealthy is the fact the substance has been banned by many nations. At this time there are over 26 nations which have banned GMO’s including Australia, Germany and Russia. The second piece of evidence that it’s not healthy is that there are several studies that demonstrate it to damage health.

There is the fact that it can provide some benefits and some great news to soy lecithin. It’s an ingredient known as choline. This can be one reason why it is contained by some dietary supplements. It isn’t demonstrated, but there’s a connection with memory loss and a choline deficiency. This really does make sense since it has a function in the creation of cell membranes and being used in nerve signs.

To sum everything up soy lecithin can be used to create oil and water mix. It could extend the shelf life of certain products and to reduce sticking. The big risk with it is if someone takes too much, there might be some negative effects. Also if it’s made out of GMO’s there may be negative health consequences. A few of the advantages of this substance is the fact that it may reduce the possibility of liver damage and memory issues.